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Entre Quintas Festival '24


One  big step forward

Talking about this festival is like remembering two farms with a secular history - Casa Cadaval and Quinta do Casal Branco - which have undertaken an experience of dialogue between music, art and oenology, with events that provide everyone with the possibility to combine musical pleasure with the wine-growing experience, framed by the elegance and beauty of the surrounding spaces. 'Entre Quintas' will present concerts and recitals between the 28th of June  and 7th of July, in different spaces of these properties, enjoying natural settings that unite these facets of the Portuguese art of hospitality, praised by music. Two weekends spent in harmony, between art and nature, which make Quinta do Casal Branco and Casa Cadaval places of tourist and cultural attraction.

Located about 50 minutes from Lisbon, the two farms offer unforgettable programs, with music of different genres, covering different age groups and tastes. This experience of dialogue between music and wine art also aims to honor the emblematic figures of Olga Cadaval and Maria Lívia Braamcamp Sobral, ladies of great culture and artistic sensibility who gave renown to the properties they managed, Casa Cadaval and Quinta do Casal Branco, respectively.

For the year 2022, two major symphonic concerts, four recitals and two concerts for the family are planned, with the participation of  outstanding national musicians and several internationally renowned artists.

'The Entre Quintas Festival' had the partnership of the Cascais and Oeiras Chamber Orchestra (OCCO) and its artistic director, the Bulgarian conductor Nikolay Lalov.

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Patrocinadores particulares:

Alain Joly / Lise de la Rochefoucauld | Ana Maria e Carlos Fragoso Senra | Pilar Louro Thorne e Daniel K. Thorne | Chô-Chô Cassan de Valry | Duarte Pedro de Azevedo de Araújo Geraldes e Helena Geraldes | Mafalda Moniz G Espírito Santo Silva

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