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Casa Cadaval


Four Centuries of History

The Palace of the Muge estate has a centuries-old history, dating back several years before it belonged to the Cadaval family. It was once inhabited by Queen Leonor of Austria (third wife of King Manuel I, sister of Emperor Charles V and mother of Infanta Dona Maria), who lived here until 1530, when she married the King of France, Francisco I. Only later, at the beginning of the 17th century the property, then belonging to the family of the Counts of Odemira, came under the dominion of Casa Cadaval, when the daughter, Dona Maria de Faro, Countess of Odemira, married D. Nuno Álvares Pereira de Melo, 5th Count of Tentúgal, 4th Marquis of Ferreira and 1st Duke of Cadaval. Casa Cadaval currently has a property totaling about 5400 hectares and is managed, for 5 consecutive generations, by women.

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Patrocinadores particulares:

Alain Joly / Lise de la Rochefoucauld | Ana Maria e Carlos Fragoso Senra | Pilar Louro Thorne e Daniel K. Thorne | Chô-Chô Cassan de Valry | Duarte Pedro de Azevedo de Araújo Geraldes e Helena Geraldes | Mafalda Moniz G Espírito Santo Silva

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